LHHI / Carriage Driving Training Providers

Light Harness Horse Instructor is a British Driving Society qualification that is no longer available. There are 2 levels the 1st for single and pair driving and a higher level for also teaching tandem and team driving.

The BDS now has new qualifications for Carriage Driving coaches but it is interesting to see who holds the old qualification which lets you put the letters LHHI after your name.

  Bedfordshire Christine Dick
    Derek Wootton
    Sharon Wootton
  Berkshire Colin Pawson
  Cambridgeshire Claire Bourne
  Cornwall Andrew Counsell
    Tracey Ball
  Derbyshire Caroline Dale Leech
  Devon Mark Broadbent
  Essex Minta Winn
  Hampshire Sophie Adkins
    Caroline Douglas
  Herefordshire Sarah Wildy
  Kent Sara Howe
    Joy Claxton
  Lancashire Pat Calderbank
  Nottinghamshire Anne Chambers
  Oxfordshire Chris van Reen
  Suffolk Shirley Reeder
    Sallie Walrond
  West Sussex Gary Docking
    Rowena Moyse
    Andrew May
  Aberdeenshire Jane V MacInnes
    Julia Gourley
  Ayrshire Robert Robertson
  Dumfriesshire Jackie Brittain
  Fife George Stuart
  Lockerbie Ken Ruthven
  South Lanarkshire Eileen Cornish
  Co. Down Robert Smyth